Robb Scott London, UK

Robb Scott is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. Born in Fulham, London he has recorded and released music as a solo artist, in various bands and as a composer for film, promos and commercials.
His solo projects have included work with Ellen McIlwaine, Jill Jones, Roy Ayers Band, The Waters and Sandra St Victor.
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Track Name: Siren: Prelude
Siren: Prelude

So volcanic your voice
Yet soft as a brook running through the night
You could shake me to my roots
And flutter like soft feathers in flight…
Track Name: Neptune Atmosphere (You Didn't Feel My Love)
Neptune Atmosphere (You Didn’t Feel My Love)

I send you a magnum opus
You receive just a haiku
Made your needs my main focus
Efforts you were blind to

You didn’t feel my love
(Repeat x 8)

You’ve a Neptune atmosphere
Cold wind blowing ‘round here
Scars, old scores, shadows that you cast
Punishing me with your past

You didn’t feel my love
(Repeat x 8)

You know it’s
Madness, madness
Madness baby madness
Madness, madness
But truly

© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Winter Love
Winter Love

You, I could hear your name over anything
I assess the heart and not trust in me
I don’t know for sure what you do
But oh I continue
Ooh, I haven’t done a great deal of running
But funny how I reached you eventually
It’s not a miracle but fate that brought you to me
Ooh, ain’t no room for “don’t just” doing
Love’s a game that I’m not losing
Feels so right can we baby do it again?

Winter love
There’s no aftercare
With your love

You, I know that life goes around in rings
And I’m so glad our chance came around again
For I’d be strung out crazy for sure, boy without you
Ooh, I love your independent nature
Don’t have to depend or worry
You’re down for whatever
You stuck it out through thick and the thin
And now we’re good, we win
And now we’re good let’s talk about it
There’s freedom within and without

There ain’t a better man for me
I’m better when you are with me
We ‘bout it ‘bout it!

Winter love
(You blow the blues away)
There’s no aftercare
(with your love, love, love, love…)
With your love…yeah…

There’s no aftercare with your love
There’s no aftercare with your love
There’s no aftercare with your love...
Track Name: Keep On
Keep On

I’m no millionaire
No King, Sultan or heir
I’m on a voyage from miles away
A dreamer, a refugee
You are the fortune I have claimed
That is how we came to be

No architect could build a love like this
No cement or fences can prevent
Turbulent or rocky incidents
Under covers deep in neglect!

Scared to touch
The underlying issues are much
And things we can’t discuss will show up
In ways rougher than rough
In a rut
Still I’ve the feelin’

To keep on runnin’ (keep on)
Still I try to keep on runnin’
And maybe that will express what I’ve been going through

Same old conversation
From high intoxication
Is this the beginning of the end or
The end of the beginning?
We’re shadow boxing without gloves
When we once were kissing

Still I’ve the feelin’ …

Keep on runnin’
Keep on runnin’…

© 2004 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Essaouira Wind Of Mogador
Essaouira Wind Of Mogador

The Spanish skies
Are in your eyes
As you smile
And I intend
My life to bend
Towards your sunshine

I’m the Essaouira wind
That you’ve been calling

You want me now
You don’t know how
To harness this high
And I can bet
Your life’s regret will be
To have let me blow by

I’m the Essaouira wind
That you’ve been calling

Essaouira Wind
Essaouira Wind…adlib to fade.

© 2012 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Circle

Seasons come and go
The colours fade away
It’s life complete
Ever decreasing, repeating
Let me sing about my spheres
In another world you and me
Evolving we belong
Connecting me
The sky to your horizon
You bring me another world
Where time means nothing to no one

Bringing me life

You’re a steady comfort to me
Compare your love to it
Unforgiving heat
Without an edge
No beginning, no end
Seamless, even, continuous
In another world we belong
Where time means nothing, to no one…

Track Name: Rotary Love
Rotary Love

From the skin of a Latin drum
Southern fever and Creole blood
Hurricane, angry gods above
Compass trained at Rotary love

Sweet season and ancient wrongs
Calling spirits, plantation songs
Bitter brew is the potion of
Old voodoo in Rotary love

Rotary Love

Maudit Tree, honey molasses
Scratching chicken dances
Luxuries for the gods above
Fickle needs in Rotary love

Bitter brew is the potion of
Voodoo and Rotary love

© 2010 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: How Could This Be So?
How Could This Be So?

Let’s go my dear
Release deep fears
Unfold unto life

Or your time will flow
Old scars take hold
Fine lines will show
How could this be so?

These words will pursue you
Long after we’re through
Adieu, goodbye

It’s time to go
Tune in tomorrow
How could this be so?


© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Flyght Of UlysseS / A Warm Wind Zephyr Breeze
Flyght Of Ulysses / A Warm Wind Zephyr Breeze

Te invito a volar
Y buscamos juntos el mismo cielo…

Spring like an affair
Sounds of yesteryear
A Coltrane refrain

The hum
Of De Havilland planes
Buzzing in the rain
I take flight, tonight

On this
Flight of Ulysses
Voyage, discovery
Sunrise Journey

Fly free,
A warm wind zephyr breeze
Hegira fantasy
Nothing near to fear

In our Goya frame
Images of you and me and Spain
Sunshine, high times
Hacienda wine

In this
Flyght of Ulysses
Voyage, discovery
Sunrise Journey

A Warm Wind Zephyr Breeze:

Come with me
On this flyght of Ulysses
Come with me
On this flyght
On this journey…

© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music.
Track Name: Venus In Virgo (A Perfume Tone)
Venus in Virgo (A Perfume Tone)

Renoir? No!
Botticelli star you are!

Sweet on honeydew, still they think
Casanova wine made you sing
You loved honey too - yes indeed!
Hidden life,
Fabled loves revealed
Naked love concealed
Venus in Virgo
Venus in Virgo

A perfume tone, cologne
Lipstick on your collarbone
In loves hinterland
Broken hourglass sand
Blowing, blowing, blowing away…

Sweet on honeydew
Venus Virgo
Honey my baby
Oh honey my baby yeah…

© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music , BMI
Written, Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott.
Track Name: Siren: Doyenne
Siren (Doyenne)

“When people go on…
It’s really just us, you know
They’re really set free at this point
You know, but it’s us really just missing them…”

May you never die, and may I never grow old…oh

Legions loved you,
Tune in tomorrow: channel one through fifty-four

With Marvin and Sarah Vaughan,
Hathaway, Riperton
RJ and Lennon gone
Your spirit will live on…

How I miss you Teena
So volcanic your voice
Yet soft as a brook running through the night
You could shake me to my roots - Siren
And flutter like soft feathers in flight - Siren

It’s darkest, oh
Just before the dawn
Your sweet melodies
And love poetry
Derived from your dreams
My dear Ms Marie

The forest brought you to us
And now the forest takes you away

With Marvin and Sarah Vaughan, Donny
Hathaway, Riperton, Minnie
RJ and Lennon gone
Your spirit will live on…

And now the sky is beginning to bruise
Filled with the tears from the ones that we lose

“I dream songs… you know, and I’ve been like that since I was a little girl…” Siren!

Ooh I, baby
I loved you Lady (Tee)
You know I love you!
I love you…I’ve loved you forever baby…oh forever... Siren, oh Siren…
I ain’t gonna let you go that easy, Siren

You ought to go with me…
Ain’t gonna let you go that easy
You were one of us
Always with our love…Siren!

We ain’t gonna let you go that easy (ain’t gonna let you go)
You ought to go with me,
Always with our love, Siren
Teena….we love you…

“I’ve had a wonderful life you know, I mean I…just the people that I’ve met you know,
Sarah Vaughan and Ella and you know…Stevie Wonder and you know I was in Motown building with…I’d walk around the corner and Stevie comes walking round the corner, I’d sit as his piano and I’d play his piano you know I was at Motown when the Jacksons were still there…”

© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Negative Pleasures
Negative Pleasures

“I need pleasure…”

You give your love and hope that it will fit
Masquerading in the thick of it
Sat in the back seat of your life you’ve been, while
Somebody else’ been asleep at the wheel, driving

Unresolved issues hidden from view
Dressed up again to fool someone new
All played out repeating things you do
Once again you find the fool is you

You’re hooked on
Pleasure from negative highs
Passion with pleasure ignored

Negative pleasures
I need pleasure

Different spaces, bodies, places, beds
You’re searching for somebody in your head
Who’s a such and such and so and so
A childhood figure you can’t let go (maybe)

Unresolved issues hidden from view
That your higher self keeps sending you
But your ego will obscure the clues
You’ve been runnin’ from yourself you fool

Pleasure…ooh give me pleasure…ad lib to fade

© 2010 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Rotary Love (Reprise)
Rotary Love...
Track Name: California Suite Revue
California Suite Revue

Vaya, qué precio!
Habrá de todo
En California…

© 2010 Afro Odyssey Music
Track Name: Hummingbird

To the ocean from the hill
August through April
Like Siddhartha seeking passion
Underneath your window sill
I wait impatiently yet still
Sending love in tender fashion

Do you love me?
Tell me baby
Do you love me?
I’ve got to know

You’re fluttering upon the wind
As I go out on a limb
Between your thighs myself I’d bury
I’m falling down on you like rain
You’ve got me circling the drain
It won’t be you but me that hurts me

Do you love me?
Tell me baby
Do you love me?
I’ve got to know

My hummingbird
Hummingbird my
Hummingbird fly

As the clock begins to tick
Time is ebbing bit by bit
I’ve turned my life towards you baby
To the marrow to the quick
Am I making more of it?
When it ain’t nothing but a maybe
Baby sugar darlin’

Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Or I’ve got to go my baby…
Track Name: Overture: The Rapture Of Icarus
Overture: The Rapture of Icarus

Part 1. La Petite Hirondelle : Little Swallow

(The contours
The shapes
The nape of your neck
I know you best from behind
Not the pips, the core nor the fruit
But always the rind of you
The nest you keep for another
While I collect crumbs from your plate
For the collage of you I create…)

Part 2. The Happy Prince: Cruel Love

Was not the only one
To fly too near
To the sun
To my detriment
For you I yearned
But your loves dividends
Have got me burned

Cruel love
I waited too long
And now my love is gone…
Cause I loved you
I loved you since day one
Ooh baby…
Que bonitos ojos azules tienes
Your eyes…

As your love rained down
You doused me in it
Ignited me so
Then left me rusting
I’m flying like a Hirondelle
Passerine, circling
Too late to migrate South
And too early for Spring
Oh your love…

Cruel love
Fool’s love
I stayed far too long
And now my summer is gone
Summer’s gone
Cruel love
Fool’s love
I stayed far too long
It’s gone…

Part 3. The Death of Chatterton: It’s over

It’s over…
Track Name: You Ought To Go With Me (Postlude)
In memorium
(Teena Marie, Minnie Riperton, Sarah Vaughan, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware, Luther Vandross, Rick James, Mickey Boyce, Prince Rogers Nelson, Donald Byrd, Natalie Cole, George Duke, Ron Banks, Kashif, Donna Summer, Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Barry White, Johnnie Wilder, Amy Winehouse, Al Jarreau, Sylvester James, Rod Temperton, Phyllis Hyman, Sharon Redd, David Bowie, Dusty Springfield, Alphonse Mizell, Miles Davis, Skip Scarborough, Carl Anderson, Syreeta Wright, Chris Whitley, Arif Mardin, Durlon Durwin Scott, Dany Lee, Jack Stringer, Liz Pearson, Rodney Archer, James Brown, Bernard Edwards, Tony Thompson, Jon Lucien, Issac Hayes, Betty Carter, Phoebe Snow, Nicholas Ashford, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Terry Callier, Don Blackman, Marlo Henderson, Bobby Womack, Joe Sample, Wilton Felder, Louis Johnson, Errol Brown, Allen Toussaint, Colonel Abrams, Curtis Mayfield, Steve Marston, Freddie Hubbard, Grover Washington Jr, Johnny Hammond, Teddy Pendergrass, Chuck Berry… )